Director of Distribution Sales – Asia
Major City with an International Airport in Asia or San Jose, California

Applicant should send a resume to Tino Silva, Director of Human Resources via

Department: Industrial business Unit
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No. of openings: 1
Director of Distribution Sales – Asia
Immersion seeks an experienced and talented senior individual to run the distribution organization in Asia for the MicroScribe® family of products. This includes managing and growing the existing distribution organization as well as signing and training new resellers and oems. This position will report to the Senior Director of 3D Group.
Job Description:
Based in this individual will travel extensively and represent Immersion Corporation to our many existing and potential new distributors in Asia.
Responsibilities include:
• Customer and Company Interaction: Participation in customer sales calls with a minimum of five (5) face to face sales calls per week. Frequent travel throughout the territory will be required to meet revenue and customer sales calls goals. Monthly travel back to the San Jose, California to attend management meetings and coordinate customer issues. Weekly reporting and accurate forecasting.
• Build the Channel: Coordinate training, webinars and other customer activity to strengthen and grow our existing channel.
• Grow the Channel: Recruit new resellers and oems to our distribution organization. Negotiate new distribution and license agreements and coordinate legal support.
• Support the Channel: Developing demonstration material including presentations, provide sales and marketing guidance about applications and markets, and support administration related to order processing and associated credit issues.
• Fill the Channel: Drive lead programs to the channel and measure success in doing so.
Immersion MicroScribe® family of products are the fast, flexible way to capture 3D measurements from a physical model. Software support includes dozens of 3rd party applications. The base of installed systems includes over 6000 worldwide and there are multiple options to choose from based on project needs.
 MicroScribe MX portable measurement devices offer the highest degree of flexibility and affordability, with accuracies as high as +/- 0.004”
 MicroScribe G2 desktop digitizing systems are the functional, flexible choice for projects that require less accuracy and an affordable price tag
3D scanning (or 3D digitizing) involves creating a digital version of a physical object. Properties of an object that can be captured during scanning include: shape, size, color and texture. Scanning allows a copy of a physical object to be represented electronically; then the electronic version to be manipulated in ways the physical version cannot. An electronic model can be kept on a computer’s hard drive, e-mailed to a co-worker, animated for use in a simulation, or used as a template for making physical reproductions. There are many applications for 3D digitizing which include:
 Reverse engineering – to get data from existing parts in cases where the specifications no longer exist or are unavailable;
 Part inspection – determine if a part meets specifications;
 Rapid prototyping –to capture data quickly from a designer’s model during the product development cycle;
 Character creation from physical sculptures;
 Mold making – for capturing data from a pre-existing part to prepare a new mold for manufacturing;
 Models for use in games, movies, broadcast, Web sites and CD-ROMs;
 Scientific visualization; and
 Artistic visualization.
The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree and have at least 5 to 10 years of relevant experience in a senior sales role involving computer technology or measurement technology. This individual will have experience in negotiating large deals, managing channels to include distribution, reseller and oem. Management experience is considered highly desirable. Foreign language skills are considered desirable.
Immersion – An Equal Opportunity Employer
Immersion’s policy is to comply with all applicable laws and to provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees without regard to non-job-related factors such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, marital status or sexual orientation. This policy applies to all areas of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfer, and social and recreational programs.
Applicant should send a resume to Tino Silva, Director of Human Resources via